Tipping Vendors!

So many clients ask...do I need to tip?  How much should I tip?  Here's something we found from Bridal Guide that we hope will help you!

Tipping is supposed to act as a reward, so you don't need to consider it a mandatory expense. Tips are meant to be given for excellent service or for vendors who go above and beyond their contracted duties. Before dishing out gratuity, check your contracts. Some vendors, especially venues and catering companies, will include it in their contract to help eliminate confusion.

Here is a complete guide to which vendors you should tip (and how much!) on your wedding day.

If your contract doesn't include gratuity, you should tip 15 to 20 percent of the total bill. Another way to tip is offering $50 to $100 for each chef and $20 to $50 per server.

Wedding planner:
Wedding planners won't expect a tip, so this is optional based on service. If you were given a huge discount or the planner went far above and beyond their contracted services, offering a tip of 10 to 20 percent is a nice way of saying "thank you" for the efforts.

Photographer and videographer:
You're not required to tip them if they own the studio. If they don't, then giving them an extra $50 to $200 is a nice gesture. If there are two or three shooters, giving a $50 to $100 tip to each person (who doesn't own the business) is optional.

Ceremony staff and reception staff:
It's not mandatory to tip the ceremony staff, reception staff and delivery staff, but if you'd like to, then you can offer them $20-$50 each.

Often times officiants won't accept tips, but a $100 donation to their church is a great way to thank them. If the officiant is non-denominational, consider giving them a $100 tip, especially if they aren't charging for your service.

Hair and makeup artist:
A 15 to 20 percent tip is expected, just like it would be for any other regular salon visit, but it isn't required.

Band or DJ:
Offering a 10 to 15 percent tip is a nice gesture to your band or DJ, especially if they have to carry a lot of heavy equipment from one location to the next. For musicians, a $25 to $50 tip per band member is appropriate.

A 15 percent tip is optional if it isn't included in the contract.

The florist doesn't expect a tip. However, if they do an outstanding job, you can consider giving them a 10 to 15 percent tip after services are rendered.

Keep this in mind:
Though tipping at weddings has become more of a custom in all service areas, it isn't mandatory or even expected by most wedding pros. With the exception of the catering staff and possibly the venue, tips are considered a nice surprise by almost all vendors.

If you don't have the money to shell out thousands more on tips, there are a few gestures that will go a long way with your team of wedding pros. Send an email with a review, a handwritten thank-you note or a review on Yelp or WeddingWire are great ways to show appreciation and offer something the vendor can use when booking future clients. Even better, refer your vendors to your friends — this gesture will go much further than a cash tip! 

 Text & content provided by Guest blogger: Allison Silber, founder and creative director for

Images provided by Photographers as noted on each image.  THANK YOU to Visionari, Kai Photo, and Stephen Ludwig

Insider Tip: Ask your Planner what REALLY happened on your wedding day BEFORE you "tip".  Don't forget, a good planner would fix problems without you knowing!

VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Chelsea Stratso Photography

Chelsea Stratso has done work for newspapers, magazines, and websites, but nothing makers her happier than capturing the love between two people on their special day!  

What do WE love about Chelsea?  It's her excitement about each couple she works with that allows her to capture the true emotions at each wedding!

Insider tip:  What you think might be a "candid" picture may in fact be a carefully planned picture by an experienced photographer.  Don't be afraid to ask your photographer how they like to work with their clients!

To see more, click here! To check her availability contact us!

VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Reverend James Chun

Insider tip: Ask your Officiant what they would do IF they got sick on your wedding day!  If you're worried about it, ask and feel confident on your wedding day :-)!

Why Rev. James Chun?  We've known him for 15+ years and there are just SO many reasons we love matching our couples with him!  As a person, he is very charismatic yet he's able to easily set a calm and comfortable tone with couples and guests. 

One of the biggest benefits to having Rev. James officiate a ceremony is also what makes him so unique.  He comes with many years of experience as a wedding videographer so he understands not just the importance of positioning & audio but great communication!  

It's the small things that make a big difference and from the moment that we noticed he steps off to the side at ceremonies before the "First Kiss" (so as not to be in the picture/video) he blew us away!

To see more, click here! To check his availability contact us!

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CONGRATULATIONS Sara & Neal Rodil! 6.28.16 Halekulani Hotel - Hau Terrace

Having photographer Mike Pham as your photographer truly allows you to make the most of every moment!  Here are some of our favorite images from Sara & Neal's wedding!

Insider tip:  When choosing your Wedding Party, pick those who know their role/responsibility is to be there for you on your wedding day and throughout the future of your marriage...even if means doing push-ups on the wedding day :-)!

CONGRATULATIONS Chelsea & Steven Agasa! 7.16.16 Hyatt Regency Waikiki Hotel & Spa - Na Lea Terrace and Grand Ballroom

It's not common to see sunflowers in a Bride's bouquet but when you do...OH MY!  These flowers just make you feel HAPPY!  Todd Oshiro and his staff from Always Flowers did it again with these perfectly created arrangements.  Kyler and his team from Kai Photo somehow manage to be in the right place at the right time to capture the moments to last a lifetime!  This is why we LOVE recommending Always Flowers and Kai Photo!

Insider tip: If you are having your reception at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa, GET the "Apple Volcano" on your dessert buffet!  You WON'T be disappointed!  

Cute detail: Since we recommend always having the Best Man hold the REAL rings...why not give the Ring Bearer ring pops to carry (and enjoy)!

Introducing... Us!

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our first blog ever! Since we are the new kids on the block, we think it would be fitting for you to get to know us a bit better. Below are some fun facts about us, but if you think of more questions, feel free to ask away in the comments!

Why did you decide to be a wedding concierge instead of a wedding planner?

Great question! Honestly, we love all aspects of weddings, but we wanted to go "back to basics" by offering our simple concierge service. From our experience, we found that couples often have a difficult time picking the right vendors. There are a lot of options out there! So we created this service to help couples get through the initial stress of finding their dream team and also give back to the wedding industry by bringing more business to truly amazing vendors.

How many bridezillas have you encountered in 14 years of working in the wedding industry?

You might not believe us, but... zero! Every bride we have worked with has been incredibly kind and happy! Let's hope we didn't jinx ourselves here.

What is your favorite moment in a wedding?

Have you ever watched the movie "27 Dresses" and seen the part where Katherine Heigl says that her favorite part is watching the groom's expression when the bride walks down the aisle? Not to be a copycat, but that is our favorite moment too! We love seeing true love written across the groom's face, and how seeing her just takes his breath away. Now please excuse us while we get more Kleenex.

What is the best meal you have ever had at a wedding?

Can we name more than one? We have had amazing food at so many different venues, it's hard to choose! But if we must, we salute the culinary staff at Halekulani Hotel. Everything is cooked to perfection. And their "Symphony of Desserts"? As if one dessert isn't enough, the hotel puts together a plate of three unique sweets. We really could hear an orchestra serenading us with every bite.

What advice do you have when it comes to wedding planning?

KEEP CALM AND CALL A WEDDING PLANNER. We would be happy to connect you with one!